Many groups have successfully started by hosting a 10-week long workshop called Aging Successfully: Study Group 1. Gain momentum for this workshop by promoting at local faith groups, adult education programs, books stores, and other places 50+ adults gather to learn. 

During the experiential workshop, participants explore different scenarios for aging: In their current homes, retirement communities, institutions, and cohousing that foster communities, privacy, and mutual support while living in a more sustainable way.

The workshop is designed to shift the traditional concept of aging to one of thriving and flourishing. As adults explore their desires for the years ahead, a core group begins to naturally form that allows you to move to the next steps in creating a supportive community.

SAGE Senior Cohousing Advocates supports groups and individuals by providing coaching and an in-depth facilitator training, for those interested in leading Study Group 1. Contact us for more information.


For more information about getting your senior cohousing community started, including details on the 14 steps, contact us today!